Huddersfield Choral Society Launches New Business Network Initiative

World renowned choir, the Huddersfield Choral Society, this week launches a new business network, Business Voice, in Huddersfield to work with local companies to promote the reputation of the area.

The Business Voice initiative brings one of Huddersfield’s greatest cultural exports – the Huddersfield Choral Society – together with a number of local businesses and institutions to promote the town and its reputation in the wider world.

Business Voice is now recruiting members for 2018 to join an impressive group of Founders which includes Syngenta, Hoyer UK, Handelsbanken and the University of Huddersfield. Additional founding businesses include Syngenta, Hoyer UK, KSDL, Revell Ward LLP, Halo Clean Tech Ltd, Chadwick Lawrence LLP, Thornhill Estates, John L Brierley Ltd, Fantastic Media and Harron Homes.

Members benefit from being part of a forum for Huddersfield’s business leaders to meet with the opportunity to network with peers who all share the same brand values and the same interest in increasing the visibility and reputation of Huddersfield and the surrounding area.

Huddersfield Choral Society is one of the longest established in the world and has won an international reputation for musical excellence. It has always been financially independent with no public subsidy, and unlike many of its peers it does not have the financial security of being attached to a professional orchestra.

Margaret Atkinson, the Society's President, commented “We are delighted to work together with Huddersfield businesses because we all represent the best of what Huddersfield has to offer whether that is in business, culture, learning or sport.”

Carl Sykes of Syngenta, one of the founding businesses, commented “We are committed to supporting our local community and are proud to be a Founder Partner of the Choral Society. In our different ways we are both integral to Huddersfield's reputation and future prosperity.”

Professor Bob Cryan of Huddersfield University commented, “The University and the Choral Society both showcase Huddersfield's strengths as a great place to live, work and learn. We have long been supporters of the "Choral" and welcome the chance to work together more closely to promote the excellence that Huddersfield has to offer.”

Sir John Harman, sponsorship secretary, explains “Our subscribers and members fund a highly regarded concert programme, but we also need to reach our wider national and international audience and in the 21st century that requires more investment. We are really a national institution supported wholly by local voluntary effort, and the support of local businesses will allow us to do more to maintain an effective presence in the electronic media, to broadcast and record more frequently; and also to do more by way of outreach in our own area.”