Information about Subscribers

The Subscriber Ballot for the 2014/15 season will be in Huddersfield Town Hall on Wednesday 25th June. Doors open at 6pm and the ballot will begin at 7pm prompt.

This year we are also offering the facility to pay in three instalments by standing order – full payment to be made before the first concert on 31 October.  Please click here for further details.

A Bank Standing Order form can be downloaded here

For further information please contact Jane Armitage (details below)

What is a Subscriber?

A Subscriber buys a seat or seats (maximum 4) for our three concert season in Huddersfield Town Hall.  There is an autumn concert on a Friday evening towards the end of October/early November; a performance of Handel’s Messiah a week to 10 days before Christmas each year; and a spring concert on a Friday evening towards the end of March/early April. The ticket is valid for all three concerts.

How much does a ticket cost?

Ticket prices for the three concert season are as follows for 2014/15

Balcony: Centre £112.00; Side £106.00; Window £74.00

First Area £74.00; 

Second Area £51.00; Second Area Side £27.00

Gallery £36.00

What if I am unable to attend a concert?

If you are unable to attend a concert, the season ticket can be returned to the Subscribers’ Secretary who will attempt to resell the seat for that concert.  In the event that the seats are sold a refund of one third of the subscription price less a £3 administration fee is payable to you.  We ask that you send in a stamped addressed envelope with your returned tickets to assist us.

How do I become a Subscriber?

If you would like to become a Subscriber please contact the Subscribers’ Secretary (contact details below) who will add your name and the number of tickets applied for to the waiting list.  Seats usually become available in August of each year for the following season. 

What if the seats I am offered are not in my preferred area of the Town Hall?

If you wish to transfer to another section you can notify the Subscribers’ Secretary who will note your wishes and transfer you as soon as seats in your preferred section become available.

Do I keep the same seats every season?

No.  A ballot is held towards the end of June each year in the Town Hall.  All existing Subscribers are invited to attend.  Those attending place their individual ballot card in a drum prior to the ballot.  The cards for each seating area are drawn at random by the President and the names are called out.  When your name is called you collect your card and proceed to the relevant table for your seating area.  You can then choose your seat(s) for the following season from those left on the seating plan.  This ensures that all Subscribers have a fair chance of securing their preferred seat(s) each year.

Those Subscribers not attending the ballot are allocated seats by Committee members after the ballot. 

There are a limited number of Subscribers who are entitled to have their chosen seats allocated prior to the ballot.  They are:-  Life Members; Past Presidents; current Committee members; and certain people with mobility difficulties.

Can my season ticket(s) be used by someone else?

You can pass your season ticket(s) to someone else to use for an individual concert but it is your responsibility to ensure you retrieve it after the concert for use for the remainder of the season.

Can I pass my Subscription on to someone else?

The Subscription is yours personally.  However, arrangements can be made to transfer it to a member of your family at the Subscribers’ Secretary’s discretion.

Are there any other benefits to becoming a Subscriber?

Other benefits include:      

*Priority booking for public concerts at the Town Hall       
*Regular Newsletters covering the life of the Society         

Subscribers’ Secretary Contact Details

Jane Armitage

26 Healey Houses




Tel: 01484 665990





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