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HCS Business Voice Comes out of Lockdown

Huddersfield Choral Society has always enjoyed the support of local businesses and for many companies that means being a part of our Business Voice network. Promoting the town’s economy goes hand in hand with promoting its cultural richness, and the Choral brings the name of Huddersfield to a worldwide audience.

It’s been a tough year for many local businesses, so the network was put on ice for 15 months, but from July it is open for business again.

Covid threatened to silence us in our 185th year, but we were determined to keep going by adapting to a new reality. Over the last year we have grown our online following worldwide through the success of our innovation, and business support is vital as we continue to invest in new ways of presenting our music to that wider audience.

Most notably we worked with Simon Armitage and Century Films to commission an important and poignant work reflecting on the pandemic, which gained global recognition. Find out more about the commission here.

It was, in part, a memorial to our colleagues who had succumbed to Covid. And it stressed the importance of music-making in the community.

As Huddersfield emerges from the pandemic bringing people together to rebuild communities will be so important. We believe that Huddersfield Choral Society with its 185 years history in the community has vital role to play in this.

We know that our world will be different, and we are meeting that challenge by adapting to the new reality; however, we need support to sustain our innovation and embrace the opportunity of the new landscape.

HCS receives no public funding, unlike other major arts organisations of the region. With your help we can ensure that we continue to renew the proud tradition of music-making here in Huddersfield as we have done for 185 years.

To find out more about how you or your business can work with us, contact John Harman via email at:

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