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Meet the Team – Sue Turnbull

Sue Turnbull is a singing member of HCS and has been programme secretary for around 10 years, overseeing the creation and distribution of high quality concert programmes. In this interview she gives us a brief insight into her role and highlights from the past 10 years.

When did you take on the programme secretary role?

Well, I joined the Choir in 2005, became an alto rep for a while and then started helping David Lockwood, the previous programme secretary. I took over the role from him 2012 so I’ve been doing it for 10 years!

Have you enjoyed it?

Yes! It’s great to be part of the team and feel that you are contributing to the success of our concerts. I’ve had fun researching and choosing programme covers and communicating with all sorts of people to get contributions to the programmes.

It can get busy prior to going to press though, with all the proof reading and last minute changes to content!

Any particular favourite programme covers from your 10 years?

Here are a few:

Creation 2017 – the cover was taken from a very large painting (22’ x 7’) by Jake Mezrahi from New York, who I emailed to get permission to use it.

Messiah 2019 – this cover was adapted from an engraving which was used as the book jacket for Jane Glover’s 2018 Book on Handel. We sold copies of her book at the concerts.

Caractacus 2018 – I got permission for my sister, who lives in London, to go round to the Mansion House in the City of London and take a photo of the marble statue of Caractacus there for the cover of the programme.

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