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Choral Notes


Subscribers – don’t forget to claim your half-price guest ticket!

HCS is giving each subscriber the chance to bring a friend to one of our subscriber concerts at half price.

Please use your voucher to claim a half-price ticket for one of our subscriber concerts this season. We will do our best to get your friends sat close to you and if you send in multiple vouchers, we will try to ensure that those seats are together.

There is still time to claim your half-price ticket for the Autumn Concert! However, keep your voucher safe if not used for this concert as we may offer another opportunity to use it later in the season.

Reduced Ticket Prices:
Balcony curve – 28th Oct/26th May: £15 20th Dec: £22.50
Balcony side – 28th Oct/26th May: £12.50 20th Dec: £20
Centre stalls – 28th Oct/26th May: £7.50 20th Dec: £15
Side stalls – 28th Oct/26th May: £5 20th Dec: £12.50

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