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Brian Kay Drops Us a Line

I’m delighted to be able to greet so many friends – old and new – via the Choral’s online newsletter, after what’s been over a year of deep frustration for us all, not being able to make music. It’s only when this facility is taken away from us that we realise how important the joy of singing is to us all.

And it’s good to see The Choral emerging as strong as ever and I was very impressed by your commissioning of new works during the pandemic. As with all choirs, it will be interesting to see how our voices sound and feel when we’re able to resume, having had well over a year without being able to keep our collective voices in trim. It will be a challenge for us all and one we shall enjoy meeting head-on!

I so much enjoyed your Christmas on-line greetings each day and perhaps that can become an annual treat for all your online friends. Whatever you do, keep the faith, and let’ s get back to enriching our lives in that special way that only making glorious music can do.

My warmest good wishes, as ever, Brian.

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