The Society is always pleased to hear from prospective new singing members as we strive to uphold and continually renew a proud tradition of choral singing and to enable us to accept more and more prestigious engagements.

We are very fortunate in having a singing membership of almost 150 individuals, with a wide range of age and experience in all sections.  

Some members have been in the choir for over 50 years, while some have only been in a short time, but with its wonderful camaraderie and sense of fun, every member is made to feel an important part of this great Society.

Although we have a core membership of long serving singers, the nature of today’s society means some members may only stay with us for a short period of time before moving on to pastures new. Therefore we have a continuous recruitment programme to replace members who leave us.

We rehearse every Tuesday night between 7.30pm and 9.45pm in Greenhead College, Huddersfield.

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Why Join Us?

A wide and varied repertoire
Being a Choral Society – rather than a Symphony Chorus attached to an orchestra – the Society has the freedom to schedule its own choral programme.

The Society performs with professional orchestras, conductors and soloists and, as well as the subscription concert series in Huddersfield Town Hall, frequently participates in high-profile projects both in the UK and abroad.

Expert Musical Guidance
The choir benefits from a wealth of musical knowledge from the many musical professionals engaged by the Society, including its Music Director, Chorus Master, Deputy Chorus Master, our own professional vocal coach, Joyce Tindsley as well as other visiting music professionals; giving members a well-rounded and enjoyable musical experience and enhancing their own abilities.

It’s great fun
Rehearsals are always lively; sometimes revisiting familiar and popular works, often learning entirely new music – frequently with much laughter, and with an enormous sense of achievement when it’s finally right.

Friendly and welcoming
Great friendships are forged wherever groups of people with a common purpose meet regularly. The Society’s weekly rehearsals create a natural camaraderie – new members often comment on the friendly welcome they receive from other members of the choir.

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"It takes me to a place that only other members will understand; it lifts you and even if you feel low, as soon as we all sing you are miraculously energised and can’t help but smile"

How To Join Us

We are Auditioning Now!

Prospective new members are asked to sing a prepared piece of their own choice; sing from a vocal score to assess their learning ability; and carry out a couple of straightforward aural tests. It takes no longer than 15 minutes!

During the audition we are looking at the potential of new members rather than looking for the finished product and we aim to make the audition process as relaxed as possible which includes the opportunity to sit in on a couple of rehearsals before auditioning.

Please be aware that any new applicant must be 18 years of age or older and be able to read music.

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For more information on joining the Huddersfield Choral Society, please see our FAQs page or contact the Recruitment Officer or the Administrator:

Helen Martin
Recruitment Officer

07743 688233
Alison Shaw

07864 591844

“I would happily give up every Tuesday just to sing with the Choral; what a joy it is to perform with such talented singers.”

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