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Dear Subscribers…

By Jane Armitage

What a time we’re having, mainly Covid related and we’re all, I’m sure, looking forward to something more nearly approaching “normal”.  Having just returned from a week in Northumberland, enjoying lovely sunny weather, we feel we’ve had a wonderful “normal” holiday.

It was good to see some of you at the concert on Sunday 6th June in Almondbury. How sad that government restrictions did not permit us to hear our wonderful choir alongside the band and Martene Grimson.

Subscriber news will be a regular feature of the new Choral Notes, which is to be made available on line.  It will contain interesting updates and latest news from the Choral to keep you involved as we look forward to the new concert season, and we hope that we will soon be able to give you more details on that.  We are hoping to persuade as many of you as possible to access Choral Notes online and I am particularly talking to those of you who have not advised us of email addresses. Please let us know if you have one or perhaps you’d like to think about getting one. We will of course include you in the publication by post, but it would save a lot of money if email could be used. Do contact me to discuss this and for any help and advice.  Phone 07834 345211; email

Look forward to hearing from you and sending best wishes.

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