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HCS Youth Choirs receive a special message…

Composer Don Besig got in touch with the Youth Choirs director Alison North after seeing a video of them performing his work at their concert in Marsden last Sunday. At first just leaving a comment on the video, Don then went on to share more congratulations via an email to the choir:

Dear Ms. North and HCS singers…

I just watched some YouTube videos of your choirs’ beautiful singing and left a brief comment re: “Flying Free”. I noticed that you have also sung “Take These Wings” this past year and I want you to know how honoured I am that you have chosen these songs to perform.

I appreciate the wonderful choral sound and musical expression in all of your videos. I also enjoy watching your faces as you sing – you reflect the mood and spirit of each song! You make me want to join in – but at age 87, I am a bit old for that!

Best wishes as you continue to share the joy of music with you audiences. “Wherever life may lead you, may you go with a song in your heart!”

Thanks and blessings…


Watch the video Don is referring to here:

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