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Choral Notes


Meet the Team: Librarians

We caught up with our new HCS librarians Sue Hornby and Sue Turnbull, or the two Sues, who filled us in on how the job is going so far, along with a little background information about themselves:

What is your role on Committee/in the Society and have you held any previous posts on the Committee?

SH: I’m the (very) new librarian at HCS, together with my mate, the other Sue (ST). I haven’t bothered the Committee with my presence in the past, despite having been in the Choral for a looong time.

ST: I’ve been a choir rep previously, and also held the post of Programme Secretary for the last 10 years. You’d have thought I would have had enough by now, really.

Do you have any favourite HCS memories that stand out in your mind?

SH: I absolutely loved the Orkney trip, the Japan trip, the Toronto trip, and the Rheims trip (is a theme emerging there?)

ST: I will always remember seeing my mum and dad in the audience when I first sang Messiah with HCS.

What made you decide to take on the role of Librarian?

SH: Temporary insanity

ST: No comment…

Have there been any particularly challenging moments in your role so far?

SH:  The music store at Fartown – a big shock, but we are on the case! And trying to be on the front foot with sourcing music for future concerts. I don’t think this is a new challenge – previous librarians will undoubtedly have their own horror stories.

ST:  And to counter this, we have had so much help from other librarians, other choirs, even publishers. Everyone has been so very friendly and helpful.

Is there any piece in particular you would like to sing with the Choral? Remember that you two also have to source the music so think carefully!

ST: It has to be Belshazzar’s Feast!

SH:  Anything in German – I’m not fussy!

 Many thanks to the two Sues for talking to me, and for all the hard work you put in keeping us singing! If we had no music, what on earth would we do?

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