HCS – Caractacus (2018)


Track Listing

Disc One
  1. Watchmen, Alert!
  2. Watchmen, Alert! The King Is Here
  3. Father! Sire and King
  4. At Eve to the Greenwood
  5. On the Ocean and the River
  6. Rest, Weary Monarch
  7. Tread the Mystic Circle Round
  8. Invocation: Lord of Dread, and Lord of Pow’r
  9. Bard, What Read Ye?
  10. Leap, Leap to Light
  11. Hence, Ere the Druid’s Wrath Is Woke
  12. Introduction: The Woodland Interlude
  13. Come! Beneath Our Woodland Bow’rs
  14. O’er-arch’d By Leaves
  15. Last Night Beneath the Sacred Oak
  16. Come! Beneath Our Woodland Bow’rs
Disc Two
  1. Wild Rumours Shake Our Calm Retreat
  2. When the Glow of the Evening
  3. We Were Gather’d By the River
  4. Lament: O My Warriors
  5. Captive Britons, See Them!
  6. Processional Music: The March Triumphal Thunders
  7. Unbind His Hands
  8. Heap Torment Upon Torment
  9. Slay, Slay the Briton
  10. I Plead Not for Myself
  11. Grace from the Roman!
  12. The Clang of Arms Is Over

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